It’s been, as my boss said in the middle of the 7-hour dinner rush last night, an “onslaught.” But I’m getting it done. So I figured I’d grace the under loved blog with 2 pictures. The first is the bat towel; I found it while moving.

It’s not actually a towel, but a white undershirt. Doesn’t matter; it’s in the garbage now. I wouldn’t have known at 6am anyways. Long live the bat towel. (I posted this pretty much entirely for the Glenshaws.)

The second is my haul from the farmers market this morning. ‘Twas fantastic. I made a heirloom tomato, basil, and pesto jack panini in my new kitchen.


Pictured (barely): country bread, a huge bunch of basil, bicolor corn, purple string beans, pesto jack cheese, heirloom tomatoes, salad mix, sweet onions. Weighed in at around $20 for all of that fresh goodness.

And, oh, alright… Here are some pictures of the new (empty) place. I’ve worked wicked hard on it since taking these, but here’s my bedroom:






And as a further bonus, a picture of the fully functioning stereo system (sans turntable needle and speakers) that I found at the Dig-n-Save for $10.


Okay. Back to work! More later.


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