Some pictures of Madison this weekend

Madison does get pretty excellent in the summer. A year ago this weekend I was looking at apartments, and this is the town I fell in love with.

The Majestic (an excellent concert venue in First Settlement, close to the Capitol and where I work) sponsors a free concert series called Live on King (named for the street). Last night the series was kicked off by tune-yards. Unfortunately work made me miss the show, but I was able to see them soundchecking as I walked to work, which was cool. tune-yards soundchecking in the middle of a city block.



As I’ve mentioned, every Saturday is the largest producer-only farmers market in the country, the Dane County Farmers Market. Even though I’m going out of town, I went up to the square to get some cheese to take home. It was especially packed this week. This is about one-sixth of it, at most. And it’s like this all around the square.


Moving down to State Street was a must because of Maxwell Street Days – the annual street festival held on the third weekend of July across all of a State. Every store has a huge sale, there’s food everywhere, and it’s wall-to-wall humanity. When I came last year this was also going on, but I don’t think we realized it was an annual thing – I think we thought it was an every-weekend deal.




Now it’s off to work an expo clopen (tonight close, tomorrow open) and then keep on packing for the move.


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