So I have a blog, apparently

I didn’t completely forget about this blog. Well, I kind of did.

But I’ve had reminders this week of how important it is to keep in touch with the people who matter, the people who care. And then I remembered this blog, because I’m pretty sure the only people who read this blog sort of care about me, too. That’s kind of cool. I don’t take it for granted, believe me.

Really, though, the reason I haven’t been writing here much is that I haven’t had time, because everything in the entire universe was due last week. So it goes. A few more papers due next week and then, notwithstanding a math final, I’m done with the semester. Not too shabby for my first. But I don’t take the balancing act for granted either, or the fact that it was a choice. I’m extremely lucky to have the people in my life that I do, here in Wisconsin, back in Maryland (and DC/VA), and everywhere else. It means a lot.

In actual, non-schmoozy news, Madison is blooming. Well, actually, it’s pretty bloody nasty out right now – it will be all this week – but this weekend was a gem. 60s and 70s, breezy, next to no humidity. I stopped by the Memorial Union Terrace on Friday afternoon for some pleasure reading, and ended up running into a few of my friends. The Union was packed. Everyone in the entire universe gravitates there for a pitcher of Spotted Cow on a nice Friday afternoon. I think I’ll like Wisconsin in the spring and summer months. It’s the Wisconsin I fell in love with and took a leap of faith for, after all.

I didn’t mention to snap a picture of the wall-to-wall humanity, but I’ll get it at some point.

Saturday marked the Crazy Legs Classic, an 8k run that ends at the 50 yard line of Camp Randall Stadium. Getting to work that day was an absolute chore, but it was pretty crazy once I got there, and I’m happy about the profits. The restaurant sold almost $33k that day, which isn’t too shabby. Sunday brunch was crazy, too.

In other news, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m headed to Chicago on Saturday afternoon and staying through Sunday night or Monday morning. Just a quick overnighter to get out of Madison, visit some friends, play and listen to some music. A birthday present to myself.


Donna Meagle says it best.

That’s more or less the usual news I have from Madison, with an added hint of sentimentality. Sometimes you just get put into that mood. Listening to Joe Henderson on a rainy day and bringing old friends together will do that to a guy.



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