An actual post, finally

Lots of big news. Well, big news for me; mundane for almost everyone else.

After making it to the Final Four, Wisconsin was totally robbed by the refs and did not advance to the national championship. Sigh! The Dane set records for fullness, though. Here it is, seconds before Kentucky nailed a pull-it-out-of-nowhere three pointer and squeaked past Bucky, 74-73:

Despite the loss, Madison kept it classy. Not a single couch or car burned. (Take notes, Maryland fans. This is how you react to a high-stakes basketball game.) Still fun to go out after work- in fact, quite easy to get back to my friend’s apartment on State Street, as it wasn’t wall-to-wall humanity like last week.

I’ve decided to stay here at least through the end of fall term (in other words, until Christmas at the earliest.) An opportunity has arisen for me to move to a much, much nicer apartment for not much more per month, as a work friend is moving to Seattle. Hardwood floors, a gas stove, and a separate bedroom! Could be nice. It’s the same distance from work, and closer to both UW-Madison and MATC downtown. So, although this building has been awesome, I’ll be saying goodbye to it starting on August 1.

School is going fine, no complaints there. Spring break assignments graded without incident. I have a much-needed night off tomorrow so I can get the apartment in shape for sublease showings. 4 inquiries already – this place is a steal, so I know I won’t have trouble signing it over to someone. I found out that my school has two practice rooms, so now it’s just a matter of figuring out who to talk to, and talking to them. The web site has been absolutely no help in this regard, but I’ll get there soon enough.

Finally, I’m planning a trip down to Chicago to check out some divey jazz clubs the first weekend of May, or – in other words – my birthday weekend. It’ll be nice to get down to Chicago in May. I hear it’s absolutely beautiful that time of year.

That’s all I have to report from Madison, as far as I know. Oh! It’s biking weather again (finally) and I was able to get all the way around Lake Mendota last week, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30 miles. It’s so beautiful after you get northwest of Westport – just you and the rolling countryside. I mean rolling. Hillier than the city. I’m out of shape, and there is no mercy-cover from the prairie winds once you leave civilization. Tough riding, but fun. I’ll be out again soon.


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