This is going to be a quick one over coffee and breakfast – I have a shift in less than an hour.

Going home was super excellent. It made me realize lots of things that I missed about DC, things that Madison doesn’t have (read: jazz). It also made me realize how happy I was to be in Madison in some ways (read: less jerks.) More about this later. I’m not sure where I want to be anymore. I think it’s still Madison, but I just don’t know… I do know that I’d rather not move again for a little while, because that last time really sucked.

Nevertheless, it was great to be home. Monday was kind of crazy – I was up at 2:45 Central Time to catch a flight out of BWI. I got into Milwaukee at 8:30, had my car at 9, and drove home via the market to pick up some coffee. I was home by 11. Classes at 1 and 5:30. No breaks.

Wednesday night, I had the privilege of standing in the front row of a Punch Brothers concert for the second time in 13 months. This certainly helped me get happy with Madison again. Last time we were in Critter’s home metro at the 9:30 Club (he’s from the VA suburbs or something), and this time I was in Paul Kowert’s home metro at the Capitol Theatre (he’s from Middleton, Madison’s second-largest suburb). It was a bonkers show. They’re recording another album in two months, and I’ll be first in line to get it.

In the interest of small world connection stories, I have two. A friend of mine that’s from the Twin Cities area (met her at DMA) now goes to a tiny liberal arts college in Iowa. I stood next to an acquaintance of hers at the show on Wednesday. Super nice guy. He’s from Iowa, so I’m not too surprised by that.

The second – and even more crazy – is someone I’ve met at UW, a freshman from Whitefish Bay (a Milwaukee suburb). For ages Conor has been telling me about this friend of his at Tufts, originally “from Milwaukee.” Turns out she’s “from Milwaukee” the way I’m “from DC,” and she was great friends with Conor’s friend all throughout high school in Whitefish Bay. I guess now I have some people to crash with in Milwaukee when I spend all of my money at Summerfest this year.

We live in an amazingly small world.


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