I just wanted to write a quick post about this little coffee shop at State and North Carroll.

Normally I wouldn’t spend any time writing posts about coffee shops, because, well, they’re coffee shops, and Madison has a ton of them. That’s normally all that needs to be said.

Michelangelo’s is right by the downtown campus of MATC, so I often find myself there before or after class on Mondays or Wednesdays, getting some studying done. The other one I find myself at a lot is EVP, which is this weird little micro-roaster at East Wash and North Baldwin. (That’s on the way to the main MATC campus for me, which is why.)

Anyways, today I decided to grab a cup of coffee and get some reading done before my 1pm English class (which is still an hour away.) Clearly I needed a cup of coffee anyways, because I walked the six blocks to Michelangelo’s without my wallet, not realizing it until I was talking to the cashier. He gave me a cup of coffee and told me to come back, joking that “we keep all of the cash in your wallet.”

I told him not to get his hopes up, which made him laugh.

I just think that this was a cool thing to do. I’ve seen it happen at other places in Madison, particularly Ground Zero and Steep & Brew, but it’s the first time it’s happened to me. Regardless, I’ll keep giving them my business, and I suggest you do if you’re ever in Madison. It’s a nice enough place – close to the Capitol with a decent cup of coffee. Maybe not the best in Madison, but definitely one of the friendliest.


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