Jump around

The title is referencing this tradition at Camp Randall. Skip to 0:41:

On home game Saturdays, you can hear Jump Around from James Madison Park, which is about two miles away. You can also feel the earthquake it produces in Madison all the way from State Street – still about a mile away. Camp Randall Stadium had to be reinforced and reinspected by structural engineers when the tradition first took hold in the late 90s.

This is way too early to know anything for sure, but I just cannot contain my excitement at all, so here it is: it looks like I might, as a MATC student and UW consortium member, be able to audition for the UW Badger Band next year.

This band is what made me notice the University of Wisconsin in the first place. Over time, other things (important things) stuck out to me, but this band was what made me notice UW. I have always dreamed of participating. What’s more, EVERYONE that I have talked to in Madison – especially my friends at the Dane – really, really want me to do it. Marching band is huge here.

It would also be a huge time commitment, and I would have to make some serious class schedule changes to be able to do it – I’m talking an 8:30-9:15 Calc class, every day of the week. But I think it would be worth it. I’ve always wanted to do this, so if I can actually do it THIS soon, I really am going to try and make it work.

Enrolling in band would also help me make a great case for the UW transfer admissions board.  I could probably get a letter of recommendation from the director, who has been at UW since the late 60s and is a legend in his own right. I’m going to have to meet with him just to see if any of this is even possible, and that will not be until after exam week in May. But it’s still an exciting prospect. Exciting enough to get me through even the coldest of temperatures this week.

As for coming back to Maryland next fall – probably not quite as likely, or as frequent. Maybe Thanksgiving, and it depends on how the Badgers do for Christmas. I’m sure I’ll get to do one or the other. (Maybe we’ll make the Rose Bowl next year and I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve in Pasadena. Who knows?)

Needless to say: I’m super excited.


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