Ice fishing

Three questions were simultaneously stuck in my mind as I used a gas-powered augur to drill holes through the two feet of ice topping Lake Mendota yesterday:

  1. Why is everyone in this state completely insane?
  2. Have I turned into one of those people? (yes, partially!)
  3. Why don’t more people do this? This is awesome.

Since Dario and I both had to work last night, we didn’t really spend all that much time out on the lake, and we didn’t catch anything. We both have Monday off, and more people are coming then.

I think part of the reason that I liked ice fishing so much was the tent. The super insane ice fishers just bring a little jigger out (a rod, for those of us not so well-versed in ice fishing terminology) and sit on a paint bucket all day, completely exposed to the lake effect wind chill. That is one way to go ice fishing. On the other hand, some of us like to be able to feel our skin four hours after getting out of the wind, and so we use tents. Dario has an ice fishing tent with clear plastic windows. The idea is this: you drill a bunch of holes within viewing distance of your tent, and bait those holes on “tip-ups.” Then you go sit in the tent, still breathing fresh air, but shielded from the wind. Dar also has a little propane heater, which brings the air inside the tent up to about 40 degrees. As soon as there’s a fish on the hook, the flag on the hole “tips up.”

We’re going again on Monday, and this time, we’re bringing a little charcoal grill and more people. Brats and ice fishing. I don’t know how much more stereotypically Wisconsin my day off could get.

Classes are great. My professors, particularly my English comp professor, are all really solid. I’m happy things worked out this way.

My apartment is clean for the first time since I got back from Maryland. I’ve finally had time to catch up on laundry and dishes. It was getting iffy there for a while.

When in Madison, do as the thong-cape-scooter-man does (except definitely not literally), so I’m cheering for the Badgers in tonight’s game against Michigan. I was not raised that way, but you’ve got to leave the nest sometime. To my mother, my grandfather, and the Sauters: I’m sorry. At least I’m not cheering for Ohio State. (I would never, ever do such a thing.)

And, just to clarify, I did see Thong Cape Scooter Man out today in his usual thong and cape. A snowstorm won’t stop that Badger fan from being completely insane.

I guess the one other thing of note is that we’re getting a second polar vortex/arctic surge/whatever you want to call it – IT’S GOING TO BE COLD AGAIN, damn it, that’s all that really matters. Apparently this one eats the previous one for breakfast, too. This one is going to be in the neighborhood of ten days long, compared to the last one’s three. It’s also going to get even colder. Hopefully my pipes stay unfrozen, as they did during the last one. That’ll be happening sometime in the next two weeks.


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