Long time, no talk!

I’d guess that I haven’t posted on here partially because everyone who reads this blog is pretty up to date. In other words, I saw most (all?) of you back in Maryland at some point around Christmas. It was very nice to be back. It’s also nice to be back here.

Here are some other reasons:

  • The arctic surge/arctic blast/polar vortex/whatever the hell you want to call it caused wind chill to fall below -60 for a few days. My windows are NOT weatherproof. When I wasn’t at work, I was huddled up in about 20 layers of sweatshirts, flannels, and blankets. Sticking my fingers out to type a blog post would’ve potentially caused frostbite. (Kidding, but it did feel like living in a meat locker for a few days.) I had never felt cold like that in my life. Reassuringly, neither had many Madtowners, save for one of my friends that went to college in Fargo. (“This is a normal winter day in Fargo.”) To that effect, the cold that you Marylanders felt during the surge was a normal winter day in Madison. Now ya know.
  • This was my schedule upon getting back:
    The first two days in particular were insanely unreasonable, but money was made and it was good.

Amazingly enough, my little car starts when it’s below -20 air temperature. That little Mazda is a workhorse. It is very nice to have a car. Parking is usually easy, and being able to do things like get groceries is pretty life-changing.

I guess the other big news is that I actually started school yesterday. You might’ve noticed that from the above schedule. Haven’t taken my math class yet (and am missing the syllabus meeting due to a work conflict, but that’s been worked out with the professor), but I am so far very impressed. My professors are great, my classes are really small, and it’s super cheap. I’m probably spending the same on 10 credits at MATC that I would be spending on 3 anywhere else, including in-state at the UW in Madison.

I will also be taking two courses over the summer at MATC. This is the easiest way for me to continue working full-time. I’ll have the transfer requirements for UW done at the same time as I would if I took 12 credits this spring and 12 credits in the fall, but I’ll be able to make more money while doing it.

I’ll be taking a 3-credit course in Persian 1 this fall at the UW. I am allowed to do this because they do not offer Persian at MATC. 

Finally, plans for that audio documentary series have been put on hold for a while. I’ll see what’s up when it starts getting warmer and when I have more of a grip on what my schedule is going to be like this semester. I don’t feel like pounding the pavement of Greenbush or WilMar for cool stories when it’s -10 wind chill, that’s for sure.


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