NOTE: I found this finished post sitting in my drafts and figured that I may as well toss it on the blog. What good does it do? Not much, especially since three people read this blog regularly. (Hi, Mom!) But in the interest of chronicling thoughts as they come on this crazy (and sometimes monotonous) adventure, I’m putting it up anyways.

I’ll preface this by saying that it was really great to be back in Maryland for a week. Playing Twins, seeing a bunch of friends and family, watching the Packer game with my Bear fan uncle, and that crazy Christmas Eve smorgasbord at mom’s house, to name just a few things, were all great. It was a memorable and much-needed week for me.

Apparently the weather wasn’t so bad up here while I was back in Maryland. In fact, a couple days were colder in MD than in Wisconsin. Oh, the irony. Not so anymore.

This week we welcome the biggest “arctic surge” to the region since 1996. An arctic surge consists of pressure systems moving south instead of east at alarming speeds. Moreover, these pressure systems come straight from the arctic circle. This means that tomorrow, the air temperature will hover somewhere -14 and -20, and the wind chill will hover between -45 and -60. The National Weather Service has called these conditions “life-threatening” if you’re exposed to them for more than 20 minutes.

Luckily it only takes me 10 minutes to walk to work.


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