Updates on my academic life

Today was the day that I bit the bullet and entered the maw of the beast – that is, today I went to the UW admissions office. Beast might be a strong term here, as we’re in Wisconsin and everyone is super nice. That said, this is an office that has been habitually hard to deal with, mostly due to its tremendous levels of ambiguity. 30,000 people apply to UW each year, so I can’t blame them for being busy, but they’re just very hard to connect with sometimes.

The most pragmatic option in my situation, I believe, is to start at MATC in January, and that’s the option that I have chosen. Within 24 hours of being rejected, I knew that, largely thanks to Daners suggesting that I do this. But my plan was also to just talk to someone in admissions and see what I could do. That was today.

It took almost a half-hour to even meet with someone. I knew that I came at a busy time for them, so I had no problem with that. They put me with a guy from transfer admissions, and I laid out my situation  while he looked through my record.

The first thing he said to me was “I can’t believe you didn’t get in the first time.”

“I know.”

“I really, truly can’t believe you didn’t get in the second time.”

He quickly added the disclaimer that this was his personal opinion, and also outside his jurisdiction as an admissions officer. No, he said, there is nothing more you can do for starting as a freshman. If you wish to appeal again, you can try, but it didn’t work last time, so it would be a waste of your time.

However, he said, you should have no problem doing well at Madison College. Start right away. Here are the classes you need to do well in for us to notice. I can tell you will have no problem in these classes. I can see you even getting a 4.0 if you put your nose to the ground in math.

He said, and I quote: “while I can’t guarantee you admission, I also see absolutely no reason that this won’t work, and there’s nothing stopping you from successfully transferring in as a sophomore, spring 2015.”

So that’s the plan.

He added that my APs would not count as transfer credits, but would count as placeouts when I did transfer in – I placed out of History 103, a bio-sci elective, Poli Sci 106 and a poli-sci elective, and an English elective.

Finally, as a consortium student, I might be eligible (if I decide I want to) to continue studying Farsi at the UW in the fall. I’ve been learning out of a library book, and if I’m still going strong on it in August, then I can take it for credit at UW while at MATC.


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