Actual productivity!

Today, I have applied to MATC, set up an appointment with a linguistics advisor at UW-Madison, and inquired about internship opportunities with Wisconsin Public Radio and WORT community radio. Christmas shopping forthcoming after a sandwich break.

Though I understand that community/technical colleges tend to serve different and wider demographics, it is indescribably, unbelievably refreshing to see the question “How can we help you?” with a list of options on a college application. Since the college admissions process writ large has been referred to as “the biggest freakshow of self-aggrandizement and hapless people pleasing in modern American society” (a statement I 100% agree with), this is completely unforeseen. Maybe I’m making the right decision.

Speaking of that decision, I’ve decided to wait it out. Here’s what I’m doing with my life.

  • Starting MATC in January. MATC stands for Madison Area Technical College, and is our community college system up here. I live about 4 blocks away from the downtown campus.
  • Taking classes at MATC that fulfill gen-ed requirements at both Temple and UW-Madison. This way, if I do decide that Madison just isn’t working out, I can still knock out a semester of gen-eds at Temple with small class sizes and low tuition prices. Works for me.
  • Waiting it out. I don’t need to tell Temple anything until May, so by then I will have weathered through a Wisconsin winter and pretty much finished a semester of college.
  • Trying to break into public radio here, as I said above, at either WPR headquarters on University Avenue or WORT community radio on Bedford Street. Both are reasonable walking distance from my apartment. Gotta love living in a tiny downtown where everything is central.
  • Talking to UW admissions. I’ve been told by a lot of people that it never hurts to plead your case in person. They always have a dean on call. I have nothing to lose at this point. My former English teacher, who has been with me at virtually every step of the way, says that this is what got him into every grad school he applied to. Quoth he in his typically sarcastic-New-Yorker manner: “everyone told me not to go. I went. Whoops.”

So, yes.

In Madison news, it’s freezing and the Snuggle House is closing after 22 days of being open. They were profitable, but they got driven out by the negative publicity. Too many people wringing their hands about something slightly different instead of minding their own damn business. It’s easy to forget how midwestern Madison is sometimes.


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