On Tuesday I did not rest. I had gone to bed around 9 Monday night, which is quite unusual, so my body decided that I had gotten enough sleep by 4am. So I woke up and started cooking. My freezer is now pretty well stocked with sauces, soups, and a crock pot worth of black beans. Should certainly last me until I come home.

Yesterday was my day off, the opposite of productive and the opposite of Tuesday. I vowed not to set foot in my restaurant, which translated to not leaving my apartment at all. I kind of needed to do that, but I don’t think it’ll be necessary for another good while. It doesn’t feel good to do nothing, except for situations where you feel like Peter Gibbons from Office Space:

That said, these past few days have been a much-needed break. The maintenance guys came through to do a heating check on the building today, and they gave me good advice on how to weatherproof my leaky casement windows – I’m not really sure why a lakeside apartment in the upper Midwest has sunny southern beach house windows, but I’ll add it to the list of life’s mysteries and keep on going.

Here are some Madison updates:

  • We are really becoming quite the taco town (TACO TOWN!). Francisco’s, Los Gemelos, Pan y Pan, and now this place – and those are just the places I’ve heard about via word of mouth. Independently-owned taquerias now outnumber both Taco Bell and Taco John’s, a rare feat in this part of the country. (Taco John’s is a weird knockoff Taco Bell chain found in the midwest.) We have a substantial Mexican-American community here in Madison.
  • The Punch Brothers are coming here in March and I’m wicked excited. I suspect that it’s partially because their incredible bass player Paul Kowert is from Madison originally – he went to Middleton High. That’ll make two times that I’ve seen the Punch Brothers play in a member’s home area. Chris Elridge, the guitarist, is from DC. It’ll also be the third time I’ve seen Paul Kowert in concert, since I saw him with this trio of Brittany Haas and Maryland native Jordan Tice in Annapolis back in June:
  • It was a foggy one on Tuesday, and I took some bad pictures with my phone. This has been a “December heat wave” for the region, with temps hovering in the high thirties and not dipping much below 25, even at night. None of us are holding our breath. It’ll be cold again.

And here are my musical obsessions of the moment:

In cultural melding, here’s a group of Pakistani musicians interpreting Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” Pretty cool.

And here’s the title/lead-off track of my current favorite CD, “Karibu” by Lionel Loueke. Couldn’t find that online, so here’s another track from another album, still cool. I saw Herbie Hancock a few years at the Kennedy Center, and Loueke was on that tour with Hancock as the guitarist. Well, after the intermission, Herbie and the boys waited in the wings while Lionel blew everyone’s mind with this 20-minute solo piece using a whole mess of effects pedals. One of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed. So when I saw his CD at B-Sides on State for 3 bucks, I just had to snap it up.



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