Things around here are starting to get… sane

It’s been a crazy few days.

To start, I was crashing on a deadline for the pro-choice nonprofit that I worked for back in Maryland. Their main fundraiser gala was Saturday, and I had been contracted to make a short video for them. It involved driving as far as the Eastern Shore the day before I left for Wisconsin in the first place. So, at long last, I finished the video, and then made sure that everything was P.C. with the John LaFerla campaign before releasing it for the web the following day.

As soon as I had uploaded that video, my focus turned to sleep and work. Work came first on Saturday. Bucky was at home with his first conference game against Purdue, and the good guys won 41-10. Madness ensued at work. We set records for sales last weekend, and I was there until about 3:45am on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was working a training shift, so I was not working on the tip scale, but that’ll happen soon enough. I’m almost done with training shifts; last Saturday’s was to learn how to SA for weekend bar closes, and I have one more this coming Sunday to learn how to expo for brunch, which is a completely different menu from our main menu.

Speaking of which, we’re running an Oktoberfest addendum to the menu right now. In addition to having two more beers this entire month (Oktoberfest, a German-style pilsner, and Abrikoos, a Belgian-style apricot beer), we also have a jaegerschnitzel & spaetzle plate, a mixed sausage plate, a schnitzelwich, and a Bavarian chicken sandwich. Everything is made in-house. If you need proof of the existence of a higher being, you might find it on one of these plates. We don’t screw around with Oktoberfest here in Wisconsin. That said, I might – read, might – be returning to Maryland for Hearn Oktoberfest on the third weekend of October. Still trying to work that one out.

In other news, as some of you know, I chose to forgo bringing a car up when I initially moved. There are now two things that have pretty much persuaded me to bring it up after Christmas. The first is that, quite simply, I can actually afford parking and (sparingly-used) gas on my salary, which is a surprise. The second is that I tried to go grocery shopping with the public bus system here for the first time on Monday. The prices at Woodman’s (further proof of existence of a higher being) are worth the trip, but the 6-block uphill struggle from the bus line carrying a week’s worth of groceries is certainly a burden. Somewhere between blocks 3 and 4, I realized that, without a car, I would have the privilege of doing this in January. The prospect of making this trip when it is -20 degrees outside is an unsettling one. Needless to say, I will be bringing the car up.

I got my license changed over from Maryland to Wisconsin on Tuesday. I had heard horror stories from everyone at work about the Wisconsin DMV, and expected the worst. Maybe my experience was an anomaly, but the Wisconsin DMV is nowhere near as painful as the Maryland MVA. I was in and out in 20 minutes, and although nobody was cheerful, nobody was unfriendly, either. Maybe this is what constitutes terrible service by Midwestern standards. I’m not sure. I was impressed, considering it’s the DMV. Anyways, I walked out with an 8.5×11 sheet of paper with my picture on it. This is a “temporary license.” Ever since upgrading to Homeland Security standards, Wisconsin does not have the financial wherewithal to make ID cards in every DMV, so I’ll be getting my actual ID in the mail pretty soon.

This is what a temporary Wisconsin license looks like. Sort of.


Finally, I’m almost done applying to Wisconsin. With the help of Mr. Stelzner (world’s coolest English teacher) and Mom (world’s coolest mom), I have a solid first statement done. I just have to finish my second statement, have someone proofread it, and win the wrestling match against the crippling red-tape-filled bureaucracy that is the Montgomery Blair High School Counseling Department from a distance of 839 miles. (This will be the hardest part.)

Which reminds me: I should finish that second essay. That’s okay. I’m done talking for now. Not much else to report.


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