More Taste of Madison + more work updates

Once again, Saturday and Sunday were Taste of Madison, Madtown’s acclaimed foodie-oriented block party all around the Capitol that takes place every Labor Day weekend. It apparently attracts 250,000+ people over the course of two days, which is insane – especially since I’m most accustomed to the more campy, shabby Taste of Wheaton.

Anyways, Taste of Madison really shone a light on how diverse Madison is. Make no mistake: this isn’t the DC suburbs, so it isn’t as diverse as the neighborhood I grew up in. At the same time, it’s a lot more diverse than pretty much anyone on the east coast gives it credit for. There was plenty of cheese curds, brat stands, and beer tastings, but there was also empanadas, pad Thai, palak paneer, sushi – the list goes on and on. Not only were the foods there, but the ethnicities represented by those foods were there, too – cooking, enjoying, and socializing. So, while Madison isn’t the “UN-like” place that my alma mater was, it’s still way more diverse than many parts of the Midwest, or even lots of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Here are some pictures! Taken on my phone, because, in my tired stupor, I forgot a camera battery for my real camera. They came out okay anyways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Work is tiring. I work my first double shift tomorrow, so I’m pretty much expecting 11am-11pm with an hour break in between shifts. Then again, time is money, and the job itself, while tiring, is super fun. I’m definitely getting a workout running ice, 4 buckets a time, up multiple flights of stairs. Still, it’s super tiring.

Coming out of the alley behind the kitchen door at night gives you this brilliant view of the “BREW PUB / Pool Hall” sign with the Capitol in the background, lit up the color of the harvest moon. I haven’t gotten the picture yet, but maybe I will tomorrow night. It’s one of my favorite views so far in Madison.

It’ll be a busy week; glad to have Saturday off.


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