The ball is really, really rolling

I don’t start work at the pub until Thursday, but I’ve been here since last Thursday (22 August.) Mom left Sunday. It’s surreal. I live in an apartment of my own on North Pinckney in the Old Market Place/Mansion Hill district. I moved to the Midwest but kept the comfort (or lack thereof) associated with Takoma Park hills. My body is crying.

Southern Wisconsin has been going through a massive heat wave this week, and my apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. I can’t really afford a window unit, either, so I’m stuck. I don’t think I’ve ever made so much ice.

On the other hand, my apartment is really nice, for what it is. I have a great downstairs neighbor that I met in the building’s laundry room. She’s an artist, cat person, I’d guess in her late thirties, but a very nice neighbor. Apparently sound is fluid through my floor/her ceiling, so we’re in touch about that in case a wrong needs to be righted along the way.

I’m currently sitting in the Colectivo coffee shop at the intersection of Pinckney and King, right next to the Capitol. Buying coffee is expensive, but I won’t have WiFi until Thursday in the apartment. Plus, coffee shops are air-conditioned. Other great discoveries in the general Madison area include Woodman’s, Culver’s, Golde’s Futon Warehouse (those three with mom), Madison Sourdough, Triangle Market, Yellow Jersey, Dr. Sax, Colectivo, Johnson Public House, Self Serve Laundry, Bradbury’s, and more. I live in a pretty great neighborhood, and the other great ones (namely Willy Street) are really close. That’s what’s great about Madtown. Everything is really close.

A real live laundromat, the buzzing center of Old Market Place/Mansion Hill/North Capitol/the Near East Side nightlife
A real live laundromat (Self Serve Laundry), the buzzing center of Old Market Place/Mansion Hill/North Capitol/ Near East Side nightlife

Speaking of close, the Capitol is really close to my front door… and have you seen what’s happening there? It’s crazy. I mean police brutality level crazy. Check it out:


Anyways, I should get out of this coffee shop. The long and short of it is that living on my own is crazy, but Madison is just about the perfect place to do it. Pass the ice.



  1. Love your blog, Adam. Makes me feel like you’re not quite so far away! (Even though you are just as far away from us as you were before, just in the opposite direction! Love, Aunt Maria

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