One day in to the search

Here are some quick updates before I get as much out of the 3 hours left on my bikeshare as possible:

  • There are some really shifty rental companies in Madison, but there are also some really good ones.
  • Wisconsinites might be some of the friendliest people, by and large, that I’ve ever interacted with. Seriously. I’m floored by every conversation.
  • My far-fetched job contact Paul is probably going to get me a job at the biggest brewpub in Madison. His words: “the only foreseeable way that you will not get this job is if you choose not to move to Madison.” Paul also showed me around the Near East Side, where he recommends I look for housing – “cheaper, more fun to live in, where people tend to move in Madison after they’ve really lived a lot of places and found out what’s what”
  • I also got a probable definite from a grocery store on Monroe Street in case the brewpub falls through – not expecting this to happen, but if it does, I have backup. Let’s also just say that the grocery store is slightly nautically themed, is a national chain, and specializes in really good coffee ice cream, falafel chips that are probably about as addictive as crack, and sells $2 wine. I think you know what I’m talking about.

Today has been a very great day.


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