Wow, this is real!

I’ve been up since 3:45am EDT, it is now 6pm EDT, and I am sitting in a hotel room by Madison’s Beltline highway. It feels great to be back in Wisconsin, but:

  • It’s really hot (almost 95 degrees and borderline DC humidity, like I thought I was escaping… ugh)
  • Like I said, we’ve been up since 3:45 our time – and I didn’t mention that I only have about 3 hours of sleep under my belt. Needless to say I’ll sleep well tonight.
  • This is a good thing, but I’m meeting Paul (my potential job contact) tonight around 8 downtown. I will have then gone 16 hours, traversing a time zone, on one hour of sleep. edit: three hours. See how tired I am?

I also had my first apartment viewing today. Pros/cons:

Pros: got a feel for the market in that part of town (Mansion Hill is probably too expensive) and learned that one does not really need a block heater to start an outdoor-parked car in Wisconsin.

Cons: the apartment was way over-budget, which has (in my sleepless and mildly incoherent stupor) managed to convince me that I won’t find an apartment, even though it seems like almost every other building in this fine city is multi-family housing. I should probably just get some sleep.

The background photo is currently the side facade of a breakfast place in Milwaukee. I also forgot how much I love Milwaukee. I’m going to change that photo every week once I get settled, and as much as I see fit in the meantime.


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