Plan B

EDIT 7/12/13 4:21 PM EDT: I apologize in advance for the lackluster writing in this post. It has been a long, dreary, grey week in Maryland, and I am coming off a shift in the repair shop with very little sleep and a short roadtrip ahead of me. Still, I hope you’ll forgive me for the bad writing.


Life tends to take you in unexpected directions. I guess that is what’s happening here. I knew that I’d end up in Madison one way or another; it’s just as well that I do so on my own terms before attempting to stay there and study.

This blog will sporadically and self-righteously chronicle things over the next year, and how they’re going, or not going. Likely, things will be going differently than planned, but we shall see. If you’re considering a gap year for the purposes of work and/or “real-world experience” (I’ll get to why that term bothers me later) or just to grow up or for residency, get in touch and I’ll tell you how things are going over the course of the year.

So, first up, I suppose: I’m going to visit Madison this coming weekend for an apartment and job search. I’m reaching critical mass on the apartment front, so it’s definitely time to get down to brass tacks there. As for a job, I have some ideas, but no leads yet. I have more time with that one.

Anyways, I’ll be updating this as I see fit.

By the way, as you’ll find out one way or another, I’m a huge fan of the Chicago Public Media program “This American Life.” They have a great episode about Plan B, and why everyone ends up there sooner or later. This was – is – my Plan B. Check out the podcast here.


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